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Mike Lovell is a practicing Nutritional Consultant working with several doctors in Baton Rouge, LA, as well as clients all across the U.S. and foreign countries. He specializes in the science of Nutritional Balancing, helping the body function as it’s designed through diet, supplementation and lifestyle changes. The goal is to optimize health and performance for all walks of life. He has extensive laboratory experience working with chemical and bio-chemical principles, with B.S. degrees in pastoral sciences and nutritional sciences.


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You are an organic system made up of billions of cells working in harmony to survive and thrive through the stresses of life. Each cell is organized into different functioning groups within this system to provide specifically designed responses, such as; waste management and pollution control, transportation and delivery (delivery within the system and mobility of the system), data delivery and storage, etc. However each cell, regardless of its specialty, has basic nutritional needs to provide the energy required to perform their function properly. Nutritional balancing focuses on these cellular needs understanding that healthy and responsive cells make for a healthy and responsive system.


For over 40 years, the science of Nutritional Balancing has been researched to determine how mineral patterns found through Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis (HTMA), relate to conditions in the body and their relation to minerals, vitamins, diet, etc. This research has led to an understanding of how minerals are utilized by the cells and how diet can affect these levels. With this information we can design a diet specific to your needs and recommend the necessary supplements to balance the cellular mineral levels. When mineral balance is improved, proper functioning of the cell is achieved correcting many of the health conditions we experience such as diabetes, obesity, and fatigue issues.


Call our office today to order your hair kit and watch how nutritional balancing improves your vitality and health.

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